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Why 3P Pipes?

3P Pipe has been acknowledge both in local and export markets, we have developed the most innovative piping solutions for diversified water delivery applications. Experience is our cutting-edge among others; through this we gained the ability to be competent to know exactly how to manufacture remarkable quality products. Every stage in the manufacturing process of 3P pipes undergoes careful review and examination. We meticulously select highest quality raw materials; we have compared, identified, and formulated our own blend of PVC, CPVC, and PPR resins that is essential component in 3P pipes. After the selection and formulation of raw materials, is the accuracy of the mixing process.

Next is the accuracy of the mixing process over comprehensive quality control system which covers the entire production process. To guarantee superior quality, our quality assurance team uses the latest state of the art laboratory to ensure that each requirement is being followed in order to deliver suitability, effectiveness, and efficiency of 3P Pipes. Our highly qualified employees are geared towards a better and more solution to adapt accordingly by developing our products through constant product improvement and innovation.


Our quality is defined through consistent excellence. We believe that the value of 3P piping solutions must be preserved. Quality is deliberate, intentional and should always be planned. Regardless of what we are making, quality is our major objective… quality is our responsibility!

We are committed to provide products with the highest degree of excellence as we are bounded with great responsibility to maintain our quality by being consistently enthusiastic on how to improve our products.


Our dedication to deliver a sustainable solution is the guiding principle of 3P Pipes. Hence, we  never failed to do things right because we are addressing the issues that will affect the future challenges. We are determined to identify the matters that may arise with impact on quality and process. Our effort and perseverance to keep the value of investment in quality is the solution of our team!

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The Big 5 Show We take the opportunity to assess opinions from clients and determine market potential, 07 October, 2013

The Big 5 Show We take the opportunity to assess opinions from clients and determine market potential, 07 October, 2013

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